Course curriculum

What's about?

This course will feature lessons on:

  • Guests' expectations

    What are the expectations of today's traveller and what is important in guests' interactions

  • Skills

    Which skills to focus on for a hospitality professional

  • Empathy

    How to learn to be more empathetic and how does empathy look like in guests' interactions

  • Confidence

    How to build confidence in own role and life

  • Responsibility

    How to develop stronger sense of responsibility and use it for career success

  • Enthusiasm

    Which role does enthusiasm play in guest satisfaction and team's success, and what can help to become more enthusiastic

  • Team work

    Why team work is essential and how to build a strong team culture

Prepared for you by

Raimonda Grigaite-Kjeldsen

I have worked with over 200 hotels and various hospitality professionals during my career as a quality or training manager, consultant and facilitator in travel and hospitality industry. Excellent service delivery, guests experience management and staff training and motivation are my focus areas, which I help businesses to improve. The S.E.C.R.E.T of Service Mentality is my fundamental training for any hospitality business that wants to create truly memorable guest experience. Embracing the right mentality, teaching the behaviours and characteristics needed in the industry is the first step towards success. So in this course I share my insights and the material I use while working with my clients. Get it for your business and help your team embrace hospitality mentality!